Best Real Money Blackjack App with Android Smartphone and Tablet

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet and you’re a fan of Blackjack, you’re going to enjoy a very special treat these days: there are virtually no limits! That means: no matter which Blackjack version I prefer, whether I want to play classic RNG Blackjack or live Dealer Blackjack - I have all possibilities with my Android device. A few years ago, online casinos focused more on Apple devices. The reason is quite simple: Apple was the absolute leader with the iPhone and basically Apple users had more income than anyone else. This is also obvious when you consider how expensive Apple iPhones are. For casinos this means that the games must primarily run on the iPhone. But that has changed today. Casinos want all games to run perfectly on all operating systems. And of course Android is one of them.

What has changed with Blackjack is the variety of games. In the past you might have had two or three different Android variants. Today there are dozens in a good casino. The variety was mainly made possible by live dealer games. These are the games where you are connected to a “real casino”. You can see everything that happens at the table via webcam, you can talk or chat with the dealers and thank them for the last Blackjack. The only thing that distinguishes these games from a real casino is the fact that instead you sit at home, in the train, at the doctor’s or elsewhere. What more do you want?

The Best Android Blackjack Casinos

However, the requirements for a good casino are high. And the good thing is that these requirements can be extremely high. Today you are simply spoilt for choice and there are several casinos that are practically equal and it is a subjective decision where to play.

In our opinion, a good Android Blackjack Casino should have the following features:

  1. Seriousness - it is best to take only a casino licensed in Malta or the UK (or both, of course). These two licensors have the highest standards.
  2. Software Provider - All casinos today purchase licenses from software providers to offer their games. Important at Blackjack is that Netent and Evolution Gaming are available. With good casinos they will be. These two providers are without doubt the first choice when it comes to live dealer Blackjack tables.
  3. Optimized Web App - I used to say the casino had to offer an Android app but that’s not the case anymore. The reason is simply that the normal web apps have become so good that you don’t need your own app anymore. That means, you should be able to visit the casino in your browser and immediately notice if the mobile version is good or not.
  4. Customer support - here you can see if a casino is serious or not. Because it can look still so beautiful, offer still so many games, pour thousands of euros worth of bonuses. That’ useless if one is not helped if one has a problem.

There are actually not so insanely many casinos that fulfill all four requirements. In our opinion, these are primarily casinos like LeoVegas or Casumo. Both are leaders in the mobile sector. LeoVegas for instance has started to build its casino only for mobile applications. And that pays itself off now…

Real money blackjack - everything real?

If you decide to play blackjack with real money, there are a few things you should be aware of. You’ll find that there are some doors open when you’re actually ready to take money into your hands to play. There are bonuses that always sound very tempting. So there is e.g. 100€ bonus with 100€ deposit. Or some casinos even offer 1500€ for the first three deposits. All well and good but for a Blackjack player mostly worthless. Why? Simply because the wagering requirements for Blackjack games are so bad that you can only clear between 0 and 10% of the bonus. At least as a rule. That means: To convert a 100€ bonus into real money you have to bet 3000€. This is quite possible. But only 300€ of it will count - so 10%. The remaining 2700€ you have to unlock at slot machines or other games.

The next thing to look out for is the deposit method, i.e. how you fill up your account. You have several options like credit cards, instant wire transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Paypal, Paysafecard etc. at your disposal. They all serve their purpose, but are not always optimal. For example, you cannot make a withdrawal with Paysafecard. A bank transfer often has the disadvantage that the transaction can be seen directly on your bank statement. Not everyone wants that. Then eWallets like Skrill, Neteller and Paypal are better suited. But they have the disadvantage that you first have to create an account there. Paypal, on the other hand, cannot be offered by every online casino - even if it is very good. The selection may then only be manageable.

Live Dealer or RNG

The difference between Live and RNG is simple. RNG uses a Random Number Generator which simply simulates which cards are dealt. Live Dealers are real decks and cards. Nobody has to simulate anything here. RNGs work great and cannot be manipulated. Real card decks can be theoretically but this will never happen at serious live casinos like Netent or Evolution Gaming. Therefore none of the methods has advantages or disadvantages in this respect.

What Live Dealer Blackjack has to offer is a real casino ambience, a real table with dealers, other players, etc. That’s exactly what many people are looking for. The disadvantage of live blackjack is that there is a table limit. So you won’t just be able to play with 10c bets. That’s because you get a seat assigned to you and that of course causes costs. With RNG Blackjack, this is not the case, the casino has the same cost, no matter if 2 or 10,000 players are playing.

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