There can be few better examples of how the android operating systems has enabled the freedoms and opportunities to people than by the fact that they can experience games on their mobile phone. Having been established in 2007 as a company, the android operating system was released on the first device a year later. Since then, thanks to its high degree of usability and overall great service, the software has come to be used by numerous other manufacturers on many different devices.

With such a wide choice of technological gadgets that use the android operating system, the chance to play games such as video poker has never been easier. As one of world’s favourite types of poker, thanks to the ease with which it can be played, video poker offers gamers an exhilarating way to play, as well as giving the chance of winning real money. By combining genuine excitement with the opportunity to win cash, video poker has become one of the most popular applications that people enjoy using on their android devices.

Video poker is based around the traditional concepts that can be seen in virtually all types of the game. The idea is that you aim to get as good a hand as possible, working your way up the ladder. The better the hand, the more cash you can win; it really is as easy as that. In fact, it is such an easy form to master that it can be learned in just a matter of minutes. From then on, thanks to your android device, you can enjoy the opportunity to play video poker wherever you may be - you don’t even need to be in a casino to experience it. Actually, playing poker on your android device gives you the opportunity to turn wherever you are into your very own casino.

If you have an android device and want to play video poker then it is very easy to set up. Simply choose one of the many services that are available, register with that particular casino and you are ready to go. It only takes a few minutes to get yourself set up as well, so there is no hanging around and you can put that anticipation to use straight-away. It is even possible to win big on your very first hand.

There is a variety of different winning hands associated with the games, with the very best of these hands traditionally being a royal flush which is where you have the 10, the Jack, the Queen, the King and the case of a particular seat - so either hearts, clubs, diamonds or spades. However, one of the great things about video poker is the ability to include wild cards and there are some games where you can also get top-rated hands such as five are the kind. Below these top ranking hands, there are plenty of others to win on as well, so you can be sure of plenty of excitement.