Video PokerVideo poker is one of the most popular casino games available. It is a fast paced and enjoyable version of poker that offers players the opportunity to win real money, and it is these features of the game that have helped make it so popular amongst users. And if you want to enjoy the most popular Video Poker games and play in a 100% safe environment you should go with Eurogrand, one of the best online casinos for Video Poker players!

Video poker uses the concepts of five card draw. What this means is that you are dealt five cards to start with, with the option to replace any of these for something different, with the aim of getting the best hand you can. However, unlike other forms of poker, you’re not playing against other players but simply trying to get the best hand that you can. If you get a qualifying hand then you can win money and the better the hand, the more you win.

The strength of a hand is based on the traditional poker ladder. Various games require you to achieve a minimum hand in order to win, normally this would be a pair of Jacks or better; everything above and including this minimum gives you the opportunity to win real money.

After a pair of Jacks the winning hands are as follows: any other higher pair, two pairs, three of a kind, a straight (five cards of consecutively higher values e.g. eight, nine, 10, Jack and Queen - with two or more suits being represented), a flush (any five cards from one suit), a full house (a combination of a pair and three of a kind), four a kind, a straight flush(which combines a flush and a straight - therefore, five cards of consecutively higher values whereby all the cards are of the same suit) and lastly a Royal flush, which is the king of all video poker hands and essentially the best straight flush available using a 10, Jack, Queen, King and an ace all of the same suit. If you see this hand then you can expect a nice win.

Various casinos will offer different games on video poker, all along the same lines, but some of them may include the introduction of a wild card which means is possible to have an extra winning hand, five of kind - using the wild card as any value.

When you join up with an online casino to play games such as video poker, quite often you may be offered a bonus when you make your first deposit. This is well worth taking and can essentially give you the opportunity to have free money to play with. This means you have even more chances to win at video poker, and essentially you will be in profit before you even started playing games at the casino.

Enrolling with the casino is a very straightforward process. It will only take a few minutes then you are ready to play all the casino games that you wish. In fact, is not just a case of being able to enjoy the casino, but being able to win big as well as. Therefore, it is certainly worth signing up, and with all the various devices including computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets that can be used to take part, you can enjoy them pretty much anywhere.