It is, in part, the success of the iPhone that has made Apple into one of the most successful companies around today. As one of the market leading mobile devices available, the iPhone offers users the ability to do so much more than just call and text. With the ability to add applications as well as surf the Internet, users have a multitude of options to keep them entertained and none better so than with the ability to enjoy roulette games directly from the mobile phone with a chance of winning real money.

The iPhone turned the mobile phone industry towards a new direction and it is this ability to do such things as play games, like roulette, that the rest of the industry has picked up on and tried to emulate, recognising its importance. Such is the popularity to be able to enjoy casino games on the iPhone, that there will have been people that have bought it specifically for that reason - and with the lucky pick of the right numbers, a nice win could mean they could easily pay for the cost of the phone in one quick round, or indeed win a lot more than just to cover the cost of the phone.

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games available. The most common version involves a wheel that consists of 36 numbers and is equally divided into red or black colours, as well as a zero which is green. A ball is spun round this wheel and players try to guess where it may land. There are various options available, not just selecting a specific number itself.

You can select a group of numbers, as well as selecting many individual numbers. Then there is the option to see whether it comes out on one or other colour. The numbers are laid out on a grid of three columns and players can select whether the number may land in one of those specific columns or groups of rows. So all in all, there are many chances to win real money.

With the simplicity with which it can be played, while still remaining incredibly exciting, the iPhone has captured the essence of what roulette is all about in order to give a true and real casino feel. In fact, in many ways playing roulette on your mobile phone is far superior to that of a Casino. Whilst both offer exactly the same choices, you are able to play on your iPhone wherever and whenever you wish to play. You do not need to have the hassle of travelling to a Casino, nor do you need to wait around for other players to make their selections or even have to wait to get a turn yourself.

The way in which the iPhone has managed to master the game has been a revelation to many who can now enjoy playing it wherever they feel like it, as well as being able to win a nice amount of cash. They can be on the move or maybe at home, possibly in bed or in the garden or wherever they choose and still be out to enjoy themselves.